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Friday, July 28, 2006

Ways to fix scratched cd's

If you a looking on ways to fix scratched cd’s, Ben Hayes have a cheap and easy solution for you. He has experiment many ways to fix the scratched cd’s and guess what? The secret is using hair gel.

My Personal Thought
I also have many scratched disc to fix. Fortunately, Ben Hayes had give an excellent idea of what I should do the fix scratched cd’s. Maybe we should put a bottle of hair gel beside our computer or home console just incase.

Z800 3d Visor by Emagin Corp - The best of 3d Visor

Z800 3d Visor by Emagin Corp is the best in the category of 3d visor. Why it is the best? 800 3DVisor receives the 2006 CES "Best of Innovations" award in the "Digital Displays" category, a 2006 Design and Engineering Innovations Award in the "Gaming" category, and the Class of 2005 Digital Life "Innovator Award". Z800 3d Visor is the first PDS (personal display system) that delivers immersive 3d adventure.

Z800 3d Visor by eMagin features:

  • Highly sophisticated, military-grade, head-tracking motion-sensing puts you in the middle of the 3D world of your favorite game, with a full six-degrees of freedom
  • 800 x 600 (SVGA) resolution delivers excellent contrast and superb color saturation for everything from movies to action games
  • Two, high-contrast eMagin SVGA 3D OLED micro displays deliver fluid full-motion video in more than 16.7 million colors
  • Specially developed optics eliminate flicker and screen smear
  • Compact, lightweight USB-powered visor with a wide, 40" FOV for absolute comfort
  • State-of-the-art audio is integrated with high-fidelity stereo sound and a built-in noise-canceling microphone system to place you inside the virtual action
  • Borderless view of your data displayed in complete privacy on a virtual 105" display, viewed at 12 feet
  • Virtual multiple monitors can also be simulated so designers, publishers and engineers can view multiple drawings and renderings as if they were each laid out on an artist's table, even in 3D
  • PC compatible for the ultimate versatility in work or play

  • What you get in the packages:

  • Visor & controller assembly, including two ear bud speakers
  • 10' cable between the eMagin Z8003D Visor and the RGB PC interface box
  • 12" VGA cable
  • 24" USB cable
  • 24" stereo sound cable to connect interface box to PC

    • My Personal Thought

      Z800 3d Visor by Emagin Corp is the best in high tech 3d visor technology. Emagin Corp had reduced the price so that all the avid gamer will experience it. It is a must have upgrade!!

      Solar Power Cell Kit House - Sharp 'LumiWall'

      Imagine a roof that looks like shaded glass by day, but by evening is transformed into an illuminated array of white LEDs. Sharp's LumiWall promises to do this, and it's powered entirely by thin-film solar panels inside the glass.

      My Personal Thought
      Solar Power Cell Kit House - Sharp 'LumiWall' only available on 2007. I think this product would be a benefit to skyscrapers, maybe industrial buildings, and maybe greenhouses, but we doubt that any people will install in the roof because you have to take off the ceiling. If not, what the use of the white LED?

      digg story Via : Thegreenguy

      Sunday, July 23, 2006

      Roomba Robotic Floor Bagless Vacuum - iRobot Roomba 4230 Remote Scheduler

      • Traditional vacuum cleaner has evolved into Roomba Robotic Floor Bagless Vacuum, introducing iRobot Roomba 4230 Remote Scheduler. Yup, it’s a robot but in a form of compact vacuum cleaner. It is also doesn’t have any bag to trap the dirt. With Roomba unique Scheduler, you can easily program Roomba to clean when you want. All you have to do is only set the time you want iRobot Roomba to clean and Roomba will clean the entire floor everyday. When it finished cleaning ot when the battery is low, it will return to it’s home base and recharge automatically. This is the future vacuum cleaner should be.

        How Roomba Cleaning System Works?

        Roomba features a patented 3-stage cleaning system that is proven effective. First, the small spinning side brushes grabs dirt and debris in corners and along walls, sending it into the main cleaning path. Second, two counter-rotating brushes pick up large particles, pet hair, and other debris. Third, an extremely efficient vacuum picks up the remaining fine particles. All of the dirt and debris is deposited into a large capacity, easy-to-empty bin.
        Roomba's cleaning head automatically adjusts to any floor surface including wood, tile, linoleum and low-to-medium pile carpet. Roomba can even sense dirtier areas of your floor and will clean more intensely there.

        Roomba automatically calculates the appropriate cleaning time in any situation. Roomba will cover every part of the room an average of 4 times per cleaning cycle, and because Roomba cleans under furniture and other obstacles--Roomba actually cleans more of the floor than standard uprights. Roomba will even return back to its self-charging Home Base at the end of a cleaning cycle or when its battery is running low.
        To start a cleaning cycle, simply press the clean button and Roomba immediately begins calculating the size of the room, the number of obstacles in the room, and the cleanliness of the room. Roomba automatically monitors its environment and adjusts its behavior over 67 times per second.

        When Roomba start cleaning, it will calculated the the room condition like wall, cliff, size, obstacles and many more situation for optimum cleaning. Don’t woory about stairs and other cliffs, Roomba have a cliff sensor so that Roomba will turn away from such problems. Roomba advanced power system take Roomba only have to charge approximately 3 hours for continuous usage up to 120 minute or 2 hours cleaning times.

        Other IRobot Roomba feature

        1)Robotic, battery-powered floor vacuum and remote scheduling device
        2)Remote scheduler sets and changes vacuuming times and zones
        3)Artificial intelligence and sensors navigate between walls and Virtual wall mechanism establishes two invisible perimeters for vacuuming specific zones
        4)Low-profile design fits under beds, sofas, and other tight spots where conventional vacuums can't reach

      See iRobot Roomba in action

      If you have problem watching it using Internet Explorer, I recommend you download Mozilla Firefox browser.

      My personal thought
      Roomba Robotic Floor Bagless Vacuum - iRobot Roomba 4230 Remote Scheduler is the future of home vacuum cleaner. Over 2 million Roomba have been sold around the world. So, if you have the money, go buy it. The future of vacuum is Irobot Roomba!

      Sigma-Apo Water Proof Keyboard

      What happens when you spill water on your keyboard? Nothing will happen with Sigma-Apo WRKB108SV Water Proof Keyboard. This keyboard is from Sigma-Apo. Sigma-Apo is a company from Japan. This water proof keyboard have a 3 multimedia key (www, search, mail), an uv coating body so that it will glow when paired with uv light , original design font and a 5000000 key counts durability and the key is very silent too. When water spilled on this keyboard, the water will drip through 5 drainage hole throughout the keyboard. This keyboard is priced around 2,980 Yen

      My Personal Thought
      Is true that this Sigma-Apo WRKB108SV Water Proof Keyboard will eliminate “What happens when you spill water on your keyboard?” question but the water will spilled on your desk. Maybe they should add a water container on the keyboard?

      Fingerprint Digital High Security Door Lock - Gateman SB740

      Gateman SB740 is a Fingerprint Digital High Security Door Lock gadget for the high tech home user. Forget the older time where we have to carry a lot of keys to open a single door. With Gateman SB740, all you need is a finger with a fingerprint (hehehe) or either you must memories the pin code. It is also having an alarm system like fire alarm and burglar alarm.

      Other Gateman SB740 Features

      Biometric Lock
      Never have to carry a key again. Your fingerprint is your key.
      Reliable, replicable scanning Fingerchip
      The scanning device is highly reliable and recognition accurate.

      Remote Control capable
      Patented Wireless Floating ID technology for Remote Control can be added on with a Receiving Module.

      Automatic / Manual Lock modes
      Auto-lock or manual locking capable.

      Admin Manager mode
      In the mode A, deleting of individual fingerprint templates are possible.

      Fire safe
      Unlocks when it detects a fire on the inside of your home. Alarm is sounded as well.

      PIN & Fingerprint mode
      In mode B, double security level is employed, where a specific PIN activates the Fingerprint scanner. For use when higher security is required.

      Self-Check function
      The SB740 does a self-diagnosis for problems with every movement.

      Mute capable
      If silent operation is desired, all lock sounds can be disabled. Lights will show operations.

      Alarm Duration programmable
      Alarm sounding duration is programmable to 3, 10, 30 minutes or infinite.

      Child-safe Deadbolting
      New design for night deadbolting. Deadbolting disables all functions on the outside, when the household is asleep at night.

      Taken from http://www.thegadgethome.com/sb740.htm

      My personal Thought

      If you can afford it, buy it. This gadget is the best in fingerprint digital high security door lock. I also wish I can have it in my home.

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