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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Portable Solar Power by Powerenz

Powerenz, Inc. designs and assembles portable solar power systems for applications ranging from military to adventure to environmental consciousness. Our systems are easy to carry and perfect when you need a portable off-grid power system. For every imaginable situation, and even some that haven’t yet occurred to us, our professionals can build and customize a power system to your exact specifications, including:

• Wilderness travel and photography
• Camping (supporting a wide array of electronics)
• Remote field research and scientific work
• Emergency power generators
• Marine solar chargers
• Survival situations
• Search, rescue and disaster relief
• Aviation/Avionics
• Military applications
• Solar back-up generators.

13 Uses For The Powerenz 150 Portable Solar Power System from R W B on Vimeo.

My Personal Thought
I think Portable Solar power system is very suitable to the people who are on the trip to camping, military personnel etc. If this alternative energy is affordable to all people, I think that everyone will be buying this product...