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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Fingerprint Digital High Security Door Lock - Gateman SB740

Gateman SB740 is a Fingerprint Digital High Security Door Lock gadget for the high tech home user. Forget the older time where we have to carry a lot of keys to open a single door. With Gateman SB740, all you need is a finger with a fingerprint (hehehe) or either you must memories the pin code. It is also having an alarm system like fire alarm and burglar alarm.

Other Gateman SB740 Features

Biometric Lock
Never have to carry a key again. Your fingerprint is your key.
Reliable, replicable scanning Fingerchip
The scanning device is highly reliable and recognition accurate.

Remote Control capable
Patented Wireless Floating ID technology for Remote Control can be added on with a Receiving Module.

Automatic / Manual Lock modes
Auto-lock or manual locking capable.

Admin Manager mode
In the mode A, deleting of individual fingerprint templates are possible.

Fire safe
Unlocks when it detects a fire on the inside of your home. Alarm is sounded as well.

PIN & Fingerprint mode
In mode B, double security level is employed, where a specific PIN activates the Fingerprint scanner. For use when higher security is required.

Self-Check function
The SB740 does a self-diagnosis for problems with every movement.

Mute capable
If silent operation is desired, all lock sounds can be disabled. Lights will show operations.

Alarm Duration programmable
Alarm sounding duration is programmable to 3, 10, 30 minutes or infinite.

Child-safe Deadbolting
New design for night deadbolting. Deadbolting disables all functions on the outside, when the household is asleep at night.

Taken from http://www.thegadgethome.com/sb740.htm

My personal Thought

If you can afford it, buy it. This gadget is the best in fingerprint digital high security door lock. I also wish I can have it in my home.