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Monday, August 14, 2006

Portable Far Infrared Sauna Kit That Burns Calories In 30 Minutes

Traditional method of burning calories is by exercise whether by jogging, poer-walking, swimming, cycling, aerobic dancing or general aerobic workouts. I also prefer this sort of activities because it’s free. Another ways to burns calories is by using Health Mate portable far infrared sauna kit. They claim that their far infrared sauna can burns calories in only 30 minutes.

Other benefits of using far infrared sauna is the deep penetrating heat also stimulates the heart to send more blood to the body cells to increase blood circulation, which improves many symptoms. The heart beats harder and faster, pumping more blood through the dilated blood vessels, thus achieving the conditioning benefits of continuous exercise. This is a valuable system for those who don't exercise and those who can not exercise, yet want an effective weight control and fitness program, along with the benefits that regular exercise bring.

My Personal Thought
This new sauna technology by using far infrared that will burns calories in 30 minutes will change the current sauna. I think that Health Mate provide a high tech home gadget that is portable, easy to set up and highly beneficial to our health. You can get it for $3500 for a single person unit, to $8250 for a five-person unit. A very high price for me to buy.