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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sigma-Apo Water Proof Keyboard

What happens when you spill water on your keyboard? Nothing will happen with Sigma-Apo WRKB108SV Water Proof Keyboard. This keyboard is from Sigma-Apo. Sigma-Apo is a company from Japan. This water proof keyboard have a 3 multimedia key (www, search, mail), an uv coating body so that it will glow when paired with uv light , original design font and a 5000000 key counts durability and the key is very silent too. When water spilled on this keyboard, the water will drip through 5 drainage hole throughout the keyboard. This keyboard is priced around 2,980 Yen

My Personal Thought
Is true that this Sigma-Apo WRKB108SV Water Proof Keyboard will eliminate “What happens when you spill water on your keyboard?” question but the water will spilled on your desk. Maybe they should add a water container on the keyboard?